Promotion is made in three steps:

  1. We find your targeted audience: we look for customers where they work, rest and enjoy their spare time. On average, for large cities we can find 50.000 potential customers right from the start.
  2. Our robot subscribes for their accounts and likes their photos. We are making up to 1300 subscriptions a day.
  3. A part of them subscribes back. Depending on your audience, we can guarantee you 100 subscribers a week — or 100 a day.

This way you start to get new customers from Instagram, who are becoming the users of your app.

That is the process you can start right now.

In the near future the apps will replace the websites completely. For now, having a mobile app is just prestigious and profitable, but soon it will become a must-have.

Google and Apple’s search engines started to include mobile content in their process of web search two years ago, and now they are already testing «app streaming» — a way to launch an app directly in browser, without having to download it first.

If you want to kepp a position in web search results — you have to have an app.

How long will you use an app? Two years? Three?

If you have your app developed for you, it will cost you $5.000 and more, and you will not get any way to make adjustments to it without additional cost.

Appnow’s fee is just $830 a year. And for that you will also get 24/7 support, access to our knowledge and tips, and our additional free services, like that of Instagram promotion.

A part of your payment will go to marketing budget for your own app, and it will grow with our careful help. Our main priority is your success. And, of course, your profit!

We have made an effective and successful promotion plan for you. Proceed with following steps:

  1. As soon as you subscribe, we start promoting your Instagram accout, which will be used to advertise your app.
  2. When your app is published, you get design for table tents and flyers with QR-codes to install your app.
  3. We provide you with design for publications in Social Networks, with QR-codes and links to the app.
  4. We can also provide you with SMS delivery service, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertisement

You get the app not only for your own prestige and your clients’ happiness. Of course, each of your investments must pay for itself. How will this happen:

  • You get more new clients with friend invites and Instagram promotion
  • You save on fees to online ordering services, because the customers are now your own
  • The loyalty program allows to increase your customers’ average spending
  • Thanks to the easy interface and push-notifications you can make unique instant offers to your customers
  • Lifespan of your customers increases, since the app is installed on their phone — it will be harder for them to forget about you